Over the years Sri Lanka In Style has organized quite a number of small group tours focused around a particular interest or activity. From an all women’s group looking to connect with women’s communities around the country, to a group of foreign hoteliers looking for ideas and inspiration for their businesses, from Buddhist groups to groups who travel with a focus on architecture and gardens. We have also planned and organized culinary tours and tours with a focus on tea. Many of our trips are led by fabulous hosts some of which come to us with an idea for a journey we help to develop, and some of which we find for a group with a particular interest. Our national guide lectures play a key role and are fabulous travel companions.

Sri Lanka has a history that goes back thousands of years. Archeological sites abound. Sri Lanka is a cradle of Buddhism and there are various important pilgrimage sites for Buddhists in the world. Sri Lanka is home to the development of the great tea industry and is the second largest exporter of tea in the world. Sri Lanka is home to the leopard, to elephants, bears and whales, and dozens of endemic species of birds. Sri Lanka produces 95% of the world’s true cinnamon and the story of cinnamon is intrinsically tied to Sri Lanka’s Portuguese and Dutch Colonial heritage. Sri Lanka is an enormous botanical garden, and is recognized as one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world. Sri Lanka was the home of the late Geoffrey Bawa, father of ‘Tropical Modernism” and one of the most influential architects of his generation. Today Sri Lanka is on the crossroads between China and India, and is geopolitically positioned to be of great relevance in the region. For all these reasons or any one of them in particular Sri Lanka is a fascinating choice for a small group tour.

If you are planning a Small Group Tour don’t hesitate to contact us.